Curly curls and lipstick

curl1Funky and dramatic makeup looks happen to be my favorite, however this is usually my go to look (minus the false lashes). I’m usually rushing to go somewhere so I don’t have the extra time to put into creating different looks like I would like to. I keep it simple on a daily basis because it works best for me in terms of wear-ability, maintenance, and time.  

What am I wearing? On my eyes I used Coastal Scents Ultimate 252 eye shadow palette. I chose to use both gold and white. I have on Urban Decay false lashes and Mac cosmetics black track eyeliner. On my eye brows I’m using Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow wiz. On my lips is a mixture of Mac cosmetics (Cyber) lipstick with Cailyn Art tinted lip gloss. As for my skin I’m using Smashbox 15 hour long wear foundation and Coastal Scents camouflage palette for concealer. I did a light contour using Coastal Scents Contour/Blush palette. All makeup was applied using brushes from Coastal Scents. 

Note: Coastal Scents is a great inexpensive company to purchase from when you are starting your makeup kit. The quality is pretty good and very pigmented allowing you to have a beautiful and long lasting look just like any high end product would give you.

115About my hair: My hair is naturally super curly and frizzy so I had used a leave in conditioner called Parnevu along with a small amount of coconut oil. I combed it throughout my hair while it was wet and let it air dry. Then I flipped my head over and shook it out a little and Voila! If you have me on Facebook or Instagram (@thiscraftychic) then you’ve probably already seen some of these photos before a few months back. I originally took these for this blog but I never posted it until now (Shame on me). I was a little shy about having myself model out these looks but I just stopped caring and decided to go through with it. After all you are your best product!

m1And here goes my last pose. This look was super simple as mentioned above. This works for both a good day and night time look. The overall look can be dressed up or down based on the color of lipstick. I originally did this look for the fall season which is why I chose warm tones on my entire face. I wanted the purple-ish color lip to give you that extra pop of fall like beautiful fall leaves. I was very satisfied with the outcome.

Side Note: My top is from H&M basics and my necklace hmm… I don’t know the brand but I purchased it for like $5 at a sample sale. (Major steal)

Thank you for reading! xoxo -thiscraftychic 🙂