Oh, so you want support? Have you given any?

This is not exactly something I wanted to address but a recent situation really irritated me to the point where I felt I needed to voice my opinion on this topic. If you’ve read my previous post then you are already aware that I am an artist. This is the first time in my life where I’ve really focused on pursuing a career as an independent artist. Prior to this year I was in college so I didn’t have the time or money to invest into my talent the way I wanted to. So now here I am 9 months later from graduating college and I made the decision to focus on my art. I want to perfect my technique and skills and I want to start my own handmade accessories company.

In the process of growing as an artist you want and need as much support as you can get. Now, when I mention support, I’m not necessarily speaking about people giving you money. There are many different ways that you can support someone, for example: shout outs through social media, sharing post, attending events, keeping in contact, basically any actions that are genuine and beneficial to a person. I guess I’m writing this because I expect fair treatment, after all the saying is “treat people how you want to be treated.”

There are quite a few different types of artist that I know and have watched them grow from the start to where they currently are. These artist are people that I’ve been “supporting”  by choice for years now and some of them I’ve even grown great bonds with but for some reason the support has never been reciprocated. The same people that claim they love your work and believe in you are the majority of the people who lack support toward you. My actions have always been genuine because I really do want to see everyone grow and succeed at what they want to do. At times when money is super tight for me, I will still make a donation or when I should be home working on me, I will still make it my duty to come out to an event and show support. I’m not asking for pity but I do believe in giving back and there’s nothing wrong with that.

We as artist are all in a hustle until we reach our point of success and the same way we want all this support, we should be willing to give some support as well. And it should come from your heart. I have art, I have products, I have bills, and I have feelings too. Point of my rant is lend a helping hand for a change,  have a heart and be willing to give back. RANT OVER.

Worst Blogger in the world/ update

I started this blog in September of 2014 and I thought I would be able to commit to it because I really do have a lot of great ideas and just random knowledge that I’m sure would be useful to a lot of people but to be honest I’m not a writer. I’ve never been a great writer although I do enjoy creative writing. I wanted this blog to be a tool to keep me on my feet and to document my new and current journey living in LA. So if you’re reading this, thank you and I’m sorry for slacking on this blog. Starting now, I am pushing myself to do at least 1-2 blogs per month just to keep myself disciplined in my craft, my life and my goals.

Here’s an update:  I finally have adjusted to LA my new home, although I’ve experienced some moments of being homesick, I think I’ve realized that I’m definitely in the right place. I am exactly where I want to be. Throughout the past 5 months I’ve struggled with loneliness, depression, financial crap and a lot of self doubt because things have not been moving as quickly as I expected. I don’t know why but I always have some type of vision in my head and in reality it never plays out the same way and I end up disappointed and still after 24 years of knowing this I still stupidly expect for my vision to one day properly play out.

Anyways, I am currently still trying to make a living through my art. I feel like I am very talented and I definitely have the skills, talent and passion to make this goal happen but it’s definitely hard. I never realized how much work and time goes into working for yourself. I’ve thought about getting the typical 9-5 but lets be real, it’s not for me. Jobs that make me feel restricted in my schedule really make me miserable and after years of working jobs I’ve hated I refuse to go back into the same routine just to make a buck. I know that my exposure or “moment of success” will come when the time is right, and I won’t stop til I get to that moment. And when I get there I’m going to be so grateful because it will be something that I know I worked hard for and that it will be well worth all the hard work.

Now for an artistic update, well, I’ve been continuing my Human Monster morph series. I’ve gotten a few commission pieces done for the holidays which was great! Recently, I decided to branch out onto painting on any thing and everything I feel I could turn into something beautiful. For a start, I was given a free mini table set by my neighbor and it was used, but in good enough condition to be jazzed up, so I started painting my table set. I feel a little nervous about it because this scale is new to me but so far I think it’s coming out beautifully. I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Aside from my table, I also have some other furniture I plan to touch up but first I will complete the table and see how everything goes from there. One thing at a time. At last, I recently had an idea to do a fun series that I’ve never touched and is totally out of my comfort zone but I think it will be a great hit. I don’t want to announce what it is yet but for a hint it would be something that most would probably want to collect, so stay tuned for that. Also, I now have a few of my art pieces available in prints and a variety of products, you can view them all at http://www.society6.com/misslavache. And if you ever have any feedback and thoughts I’d love to read them! Thank you for reading and until next time 🙂  -thiscraftychic