RAW artists LA showcase

I’ve been meaning to write a post about my experience participating at last weeks RAWartists showcase here in Los Angeles. So here goes, In the process of creating new work to display I realized that my style of art takes quite a lot of time. I only had one month to get a collection together, so I had steered away from my normal style and I tried to make a collection using abstract motifs at a larger scale and making it colorful (I used sharpie paint markers as my medium). While working on the first piece of this collection I actually did not like it. I thought it was masking me as an artist, and taking away from my true talent because it was the quicker option. After finalizing the first piece to that collection (which I named: Brooklyn2LA) I ended up going back to my regular style and I felt so content when I changed. I feel like my style of art being so detailed and intricate is what makes my work significant so I couldn’t stand changing that just to be able to produce more pieces.

I usually post pictures on my instagram page to give my followers a peak at my work before its finished. With that being said, I had posted the piece “Brooklyn2LA” onto my instagram page and I was shocked to see that so many people loved it. I gained 50 followers in a matter of a week which is kind of a big deal to me because as an artist you want and need followers. It may sound silly but the more followers you have the better, It helps you as an artists to gain exposure. Also, the lesson learned there was to show everything even the work I hate because someone else may like it.

Moving on to the actual showcase. If you already know my work you probably noticed that I did in fact use some of my old pieces that I had made in college. And you were probably expecting to see an entirely new collection. Let’s be real, when you create a drawing as intricately detailed as mine you definitely need a lot more time to put it together. Then again, being that this was my first time showcasing in Los Angeles it didn’t matter whether my work was old or new. Being in a new scene in a different state you are new period. So anything you show is looked at as new and fresh and different because you are unknown. I just wanted to explain that because a few people had asked me why certain pieces were shown again.

My perspective on the show was that it was very different from any I’ve been to in NYC. However, I’m still glad I had the opportunity to showcase there. My show did well, not as great as I expected though (mainly because of the section I was in). My booth was kind of hidden near the bar so the only time people noticed my booth was when they went to grab a drink. I guess that was good and bad. My display consisted of a hand painted vest, two- digital prints on fabric, two- screen printed repeats on fabric, and some hand painted cosmetic bags. I also had some framed black and white designs leaned up against my booth wall as well as some hand drawings on paper which were all hung. Below the hung pieces stood “Brooklyn2LA” which was on canvas.

“Brooklyn2LA” was receiving a lot of attention and later that night was sold to a nice gentlemen who was standing at the bar. He said “I’ve been standing at the bar and I can’t stop looking at it. It reminds me a lot of the artist Murakami’s work. Is it for sale?” I was psyched because to be compared to Murakami is probably the greatest compliment I could receive. Especially, for a piece that I was not crazy about. Takashi Murakami is one of my favorite artist, so it was really an honor for someone to feel like my work reminded them of him.

Overall, it was a good show and it made me happy to see so many people like my work. I saw many people really take a close look and grow an appreciation for the detail and the intricacy in my work. (I’m huge on detail if you haven’t already noticed) so with that said, I’m going to end it here. Thank you for reading and below are some pictures of the RAWartists LA showcase and some of my pieces that I displayed on October 2, 2014.

My RAWartists showcase booth. (please excuse the poor quality image, this photo was taken with my phone). This was the only shot I got of my booth. It was definitely not how I wanted to display my work but when the clock is ticking you just have to go with the flow of what feels right. Also being a newbie to Los Angeles I didn’t have all of the tools and furniture that I needed to display it the way that I originally wanted to. But I will say that my art spoke for its self and that’s what mattered to me the most.


Brooklyn2LA (This was the star of my night) SOLD! I was very happy to see how much attention it caught, which helped me to expand my mind as an artist and to be open to try things that I’m not always used to.

Processed with Moldiv

@LORA_ARELLANO (This is a portrait of Instagram star Lora Arellano, which is part of a series that I am currently working on). It’s supposed to be a human monster- morph portrait series of all my personal favorite people. Lora happens to be the first MUA on Instagram that I started following. What I love about her is that she is not afraid to take risk as a make up artist. All of her makeup looks stand out for being so bold and different (and usually Gothic inspired) but so beautiful and appealing to look at all at the same time. She is truly an artist and you can see it through every make up look she does, whether its on her face or anyone else. Lora uses her talent to turn any face into her canvas to build a masterpiece. Through social media I’ve watched her grow as a MUA and I feel so inspired by her to see how far she has already come. Lora is a champion in the world of make up and I love her for that! She also has a lipstick line called (meltcosmetics) which I highly recommend.

IMG_4692 (1)

@AMREZY (This is also part of my human monster-morph portrait series). This is a portrait of Instagram star MUA Amra Olevic who I love for her perfection in make up art. She inspires me everyday because of her great attention to detail when capturing the beauty of her make up. Amrezy is her best canvas! What makes her stand out to me is her precision in each make up look she does. Each photo captures her personality and confidence in herself as an artist while showing her skills at the same time. Amrezy had teamed up with Anastasia Beverly Hills this year 2014 and launched her very own makeup palette which I purchased and I absolutely love!


This was one of my hand painted pouches which I actually did not have displayed in my booth photo (above). However, it was displayed on a little table that wasn’t included in my photo. I basically purchased a ton of all black cosmetic bags and I decided to hand paint them. All of my hand painted work are one of a kind. This piece is unique for it’s Floral bottom heavy character designed in fun bright colors. (It is also available for sale, if interested you can contact me directly at misslavache@yahoo.com)

This was another one of my hand painted pouches which was also displayed on the little table along with the pouch posted above. This piece is unique for it’s abstract design in metallic silver and bright orange. (It is also available for sale, if interested you can contact me directly at misslavache@yahoo.com).


Mr. Bow tie was created without much thought. I happen to love bow ties so I wanted to make a funky character wearing one. I think he came out quite FUNKY!


X-rated Floral. This character was developed from a previous pattern that I made which is actually not posted on this blog but you can view it on my society6 page. (www.society6.com/misslavache). When this character was created I just had a thought to make a cute sexy little lady with a big flower head. The original pattern contains nudity which is why I named it X-rated floral. I wanted this one to be more of a cute feminine nature inspired character with a tad bit of badass which is why I gave her a thigh tattoo.


I know I posted this one a little late in the flow of how my photos are sorted out, but I just wanted to share the process of (behind the scenes) getting everything together for the show. Also the three shapes that are framed I didn’t give you a close up in this post so I thought you can see it here.


At last a picture of my friend and I at my showcase in front of my display. We had a great and successful night! Thank you for reading 🙂  -thiscraftychic


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